The Analytics class provides a single API for triggering analytics events to one or more 3rd party analytics services. Amplitude and Google Analytics are configured out of the box, but can be easily removed or added to.

Analytics are initialized in src/index.js and configured to capture all route changes by default.

// src/index.js
analytics.initialize().then(() => {
const { pathname } = browserHistory.location
analytics.pageView({ pathname })
const unlisten = browserHistory.listen((location, action) => {
const { pathname } = location
analytics.pageView({ pathname })

You can use the analytics class to capture custom events like clicks. See src/analytics/analytics.js


Amplitude provides product analytics for both web and mobile. With no upfront costs, you're only a few minutes away from collecting user data for your app.


  1. Create an Amplitude account
  2. Create multiple projects, one for each environment.
  3. Add your Amplitude API keys to the appropriate .env file.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics